Thursday, June 6, 2013

Healthy Living

Thanks to my mom, who introduced me to things like chick peas, hummus, broccoli, tofu and falafel, at a young age, my taste buds have a definite appreciation for healthier foods.

As I have quickly picked up from the pediatricians I work closely with, it is the ways in which you introduce these new foods to growing children that matter.  This means introducing savory before sweet. Hold off on those peaches and introduce them to broccoli or spinach first. They watch from a very young age, how their parents regard the healthier food choices. (you don't like it, well they won't like it either) Kids are smart! They can pick up on your facial cues and how much of that spinach you left on your plate. 

The sooner their little taste buds get accustomed to these savory treats, the more likely they are to make healthy decisions in the future. Either way, I can't emphasize it enough. Diet is the single most important lifestyle change anyone can make.

I know that my mom didn't have access to this website when I was tiny, so perhaps it was intuition for her.

This is a website that has been passed down to me from one wise pediatrician: (AAP approved!)

                                                                Nutrition for Children

Sweet Potato Pancakes and Confetti Pasta?! What is there not to like about these recipes. Veggies, staple items and finally finger foods. This is my personal favorite website for home made goodness for children. A great way to introduce them to healthy items from 6 mo of age to 12 years of age. Enjoy!

                                          Nurture Baby

Hope this was inspiring and helpful.

~ Dr. J.B.

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  1. Love your article, I am so happy you are educating parents on this subject. 30 years ago we knew that nutrition was important for young, growing children however, we were fairly ignorant about "healthy food choices". I felt lucky that my picky eater ate PB&J sandwiches, for protein. Looking forward to learning more as I prepare for grandkids!